My name is Rens Adams and I’m a Belgium/the Netherlands based photographer.
My photographic journey kicked off at the University of Applied Photography
where I studied Photographic Design. I’m fortunate enough to make a living
from my passion and I’m able to do what I love on a daily basis. I’ve worked
on various independant, commercial and editorial projects, both national and
abroad. For the past 4 years I was mostly active as a product photographer
within the fashion industry and worked with various employers. Currently
(2018-2019) I work as a digital marketeer and sales executive at Co-ordSport

For information about rates, bookings etc. feel free to get in touch with me:
Tel: +31 (0)630230159
E-mail: rensadamsphotography@gmail.com
Facebook: rensadamsphotography
Instagram: @rensadamsphotography

All contents of this website are protected by copyright. Without my authorisation it is forbidden to use any of the images. This applies to distribution, modifications or communication. All rights remain reserved.


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