If you have a good understanding of Internet services and basic hardware, a more advanced decision would be to consider whether or when having a server would be beneficial to your business.

A server is generally a specialized computer designated for a specific function or role on a network. It’s not the same as a computer used as a workstation, but the implementation of this can effectively improve the functionality and security of other workstations.

One of the benefits of a server that you maintain is that you can improve security and control over your network. When you set up a server on your network, you should set up your server as a domain controller for your internal domain. After setting up your internal domain, you need to join your computer there and bring it under the authority of the server.

Then you can force the server to enforce security policies on the groups you have joined. These settings are called group policies. Group policy settings allow you to control anything from access to specific areas of the pc to automatic mapping of printers and drives.

The very important and most basic thing about Group Policy is setting strong and complex passwords.


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