You have to evaluate how scalable the managed business is in terms of delivery.
Therefore, the platform and processes need to be examined.
Does the platform drive and reflect the core processes of the business, or does it effectively eliminate non-essential tickets, correlate data and make the operations team as efficient as possible, correlate data efficiently, and make the operations teams as efficiently as possible, and whether they are correlating data efficiently. All these key questions need to be evaluated.
It is also important to document your processes.
A scalable managed business is not one that relies on a handful of tier 3/4 engineers.
It is essentially a non-scalable definition.
With a solid foundation of defined ITIL-based processes and a platform to drive them, you can have an efficient and scalable delivery capability.
And it will show in the results.
When assessing the scalability of your business, the hardware numbers
are just as important as the software items.
For this reason, we need to determine what happened to the core efficiency metrics of the business, while the revenue is growing.
How did the number of units managed per employee by technology perform while revenue was growing?
Predicting future efficiencies and subsequent profits for the growth you are projecting is an important assumption, and the more factual it is, the better.
If revenues increase at a certain rate, underlying efficiency will also increase at a certain rate.
Future projections of efficiency and cost should be based on what has happened in the past.
Wishful thinking that an increase in revenue will lead to an increase in scale is very dangerous.
There is no substitute for evidence.
You will never know if you can effectively provide high quality support in a rapidly growing environment until you try.
Most managed businesses can’t continue to provide high quality support efficiently while growing rapidly.
Usually, they suffer from both.
Having just one customer who has delivery issues or fails to meet expectations hurts your ability to scale.