The server management offering is planned to be a bit less dynamic.
Basic server monitoring services are expected to grow at a fairly steady pace at a stable price point.
The increase in the number of employees will take place overseas.
Productivity will increase as more units are managed per person.
As long as demand remains strong, the difficulty of this offer will be limited to other
The difficulty level of this proposal is much lower than other proposals.
So, you need to make very detailed assumptions and follow-up research.
Then we need to evaluate how this can be achieved.
It is also very valuable to benchmark key revenue and cost productivities.
It is also very worthwhile to try to compare yourself to your competitors. The first way to attempt this is to
work with an industry analyst to see if they have this type of data.
The best way to do this is to hire someone from your competitors.
Obviously these kinds of metrics (number of bookings per BDM, number of FTEs managed per FTE, etc.) are very difficult to get information on from competitors, but it is worth the effort to understand how you compare to your competitors.
Let’s look back at the three-year plan.
You will need a lot of information to complete the plan in this way.
A lot of information is needed to complete the plan.
This may be difficult in your business. However, I think of it this way.
I think it is very important to evaluate whether you can make an effective plan or not.