This business has three main offerings and technology areas. These are data, voice, and server management. Of these, data management is the most important.
Data management is driving the growth of the business.

However, the growth rate is expected to decline in the future due to advancing price pressure. Our data business is profitable with a gross margin of 31%, but we feel strongly that there is a huge opportunity to further improve our margins and move more work overseas. And I feel that there is a great opportunity to move more work overseas.

For example, in one of our voice businesses, it is done in conjunction with our data business, and the growth rate is a modest 5%.It has been a low functionality service, with a lot of monitoring and fault handling, and relatively high costs to third parties. With a relatively high percentage of costs to third party suppliers
provide more conservative support. However, this business is that many customers have older legacy voice infrastructures.

There is a trend that many customers have old legacy voice infrastructures that need to be transformed and managed services need to be provided. In this business, we are now planning to offer higher value voice services along with higher end managed services. The idea is to offer high-end managed services (such as enhanced performance management and multi-vendor support) and sell higher-value voice services. We believe this part of our growth will be driven by investment in higher-end engineering skills.

Server Managed Services are like monitoring services, but with relatively low functionality. It has a large unit volume and is growing at 10% per year. We expect this service line to maintain its growth and profitability, and to increase both somewhat over time.

The offering here is very low level, this service is very low level, such as when the CPU or CPU pre-set thresholds are reached. It notifies you when the CPU or disk usage reaches a pre-set threshold, etc. A more comprehensive managed service that includes incident management, problem resolution, and remediation would cost several hundred dollars per month and require more personnel (FTEs).This new service provides only very basic functionality.