Use the defined offer (according to ITIL) as a basis for strategic operational planning. Divide the offer according to the technologies and functions to be provided.
When closely evaluating your strategic operating plan, it is important to drive yourself to specifics. It is important to think about the specifics of what you are offering, such as what costs and investments you need to make each year and what your profit and cash flow plans are to achieve your business goals. Then, develop a profit and cash flow plan to achieve those goals. The important thing is to make it a unit. Unitize your business and continually evaluate how you are doing against your plan (and your competitors). It is also important to make adjustments as needed.

Measuring and managing your top line for each technology or product area is relatively easy. You can plan the number and size of deals to be closed, and divide that revenue stream by technology or offering area to know what needs to be driven by the plant. Closely monitoring costs can be challenging, but it’s critical. The delivery team must analyze the cost of the number of people and non-people needed to deliver its revenue stream. The analysis must be done separately for each product or technology/unit offered.

This is easier said than done, but it is a critical task in order to implement effective operational discipline in managed services.
It is also a critical task that is necessary to bring effective operational discipline to the managed services business.