Comparing the case where the pharmacist actively participates in dispensing, counseling, rounds, etc., and the case where normal drug work is performed, the former contributes to the improvement of the quality of medication, and it is renewed. It was reported that the hospitalization rate could be reduced. A pharmacist’s positive attitude towards teamwork may enable better medication and reduce the risk of worsening symptoms. Other studies have shown that pharmacists’ commitment to teamwork has improved all-cause mortality. Therefore, it can be said that pharmacists practicing teamwork contribute to various points such as improving the health and quality of medical care of patients compared to the case where they do not. Of course, depending on the situation, it may be difficult to collaborate with doctors and other members. However, even in such cases, pharmacists need to work on teamwork with doctors. It can be said that it is very beneficial for the pharmacist to be involved as a team member in improving the outcome.