Home-visit nursing is a one-person job, but it is also necessary to have a feeling of leeway so that you can see your actions from a third-party perspective. It was said that even among the nurses, there was a tendency to avoid applying for a job because it is still difficult to understand the whole picture when searching for a job from among many jobs for nurses. Currently, it is said that the popularity is rising rapidly due to future needs. Not only work in hospitals and other facilities, but interpersonal communication skills are required, and at the same time, the required level of nurse skills is inevitably higher. Many “nurse recruitment” may have a bright atmosphere such as a cozy workplace, but the reality of home care and home-visit nursing is the harsh reality of witnessing human life and death. It can also be a nursing in such a harsh world where you have to be in front of you. You always need to be very prepared for yourself. It will be a nursing job in a field that is facing rapid growth toward an aging society.