A good printer is the second item on the list of hardware you need in your business. Even though the act of printing itself is becoming less and less common, in many cases you will still need at least one good printer for your business.

But the definition of a good printer depends entirely on what you want in a printer. It’s basically a good idea to avoid leasing or signing a service contract. A service contract is typically a contract where you pay a monthly fee for the printer. The company providing the service typically covers all maintenance and supplies (toner, drums, etc.).

If you use the printer a lot, you’ll pay an additional fee. So the expenses associated with printing may be more expensive.


Printing service agreement

Also, if you are leasing, you will usually pay considerably more for the device or printer than you would pay for the same product on the open market. With leasing, you won’t save on the outlay on the printing itself because the supplier won’t end up losing money on its services.

However, because of their volume, they may have access to favorable pricing on supplies that you wouldn’t have at the retail level. If you don’t have the time to deal with other maintenance issues that may arise or you want to avoid being bothered by it, a printing service agreement may be best for your situation.

If you can pay upfront for the printer and don’t mind doing the maintenance yourself, or if you have an IT provider that covers it, you can save money to avoid paying the retail price plus interest on the lease.